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Riding, not driving. I mean it and it’s coming real soon.

Reserved for updates.

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HighwayCode Learning

Learn the official Highway Code right from your iPhone using UKDrivingGenius! As promised, we make every of your cent worth the money as we continue to add new improvements and features into our app.

 Chapter List

Jump to your last read chapter or page with a single click from this chapter list.

Landscape mode

Supports landscape reading with zoom in/out capabilities.

Portrait reading

Last but not least, we let you read the old-fashioned way. Boring.

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Mobility means an increase in freedom, and when most young adults reach a given age, this independence comes once they learn to drive a car.   For those just learning to drive in the UK, UKDrivingGenius helps to highlight vital information and study material for those preparing for their theory and hazard perception tests. Combined with official theory test questions, UKDrivingGenius works to put students ahead of the game, providing them with ideal material to help in their learning.

Home Screen

Upon startup, users will come to the Home screen, which displays the buttons that link to various features found in the application. The ‘Test' button, is probably most commonly used. This is where users can attempt mock tests in a simulated test environment. And yea there's a countdown timer during the test to add some real excitement. Can't finish in time? Too bad you'll fail just like in a real exam!

Mock Test

The next button, Practice, brings users to a selection of categorized practice quizzes that will test their driving knowledge. When you cannot figure out the correct answer, press the Flag icon located at the bottom toolbar and you’ll be presented with a hint! Totally awesome..

Hint to Answer

And like any other apps, UKDrivingGenius supports most of the social networks. You can post & share your quiz or practice results with everyone via Facebook, Twitter or email. A gentle reminder for everyone, avoid posting results as that has the dreadful ‘Failed’, it’ll really look bad on you intelligence. :)

Social Network Sharing

Users can also find a extensive list of test questions containing pictures under the Signs tab.  This excellent feature offers users another way to learn via images. This works best for me since our brains process images way more efficient than lengthy sentences.

Learning with pictures

All Signs in a glance

And while this section provides an overall summary of what the application has to offer, it is miniscule compared to the true, broad scope of information that UKDrivingGenius covers in a single application.

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